Monday, May 7, 2007

Pancha Nrusimha Kshetrams

Pancha Nrusimha Kshetrams
1Thiru Kuraiyalur
Sri Ugra Nrusimhan
Mangai Madam
Sri Veera Nrusimhan
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan
Thiru Nagari
Sri Hiranya Nrusimhan
Thiru Nagari
Sri Yoga Nrusimhan

It's better to worship all the five Nrusimhar's in a single day.

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Mudumbai Murali said...

During the first week of July 2016 by God's grace we could visit all the Divya desa kshetram around Thirunangur,Sirkazhi, Mayiladurai and Kumbakonam. It was because of Lord's grace and blessings I got the contact number of sriman Madhava Bhattar of Annan Koil (+91 9489856554) who arranged a cab driver Mr.Kumar (+91 8760450178), who is very well familiar with all the temple timings; and also he has got the contact numbers of Bhattars of all the temples too. In my experience I felt that staying at Sirkazhi is the best option. One full day is sufficient for visiting all the Thirunangur kshetrams and of course there is no limit if one has time. Second day on the way to Kumbakonam we can visit few divya desa temples around Mayiladuthurai too. He charged Rs.2500/- per day. We got good quality tiffin at Mangala Vilas, a small restaurant -opposite Sirkazhi Bus terminal.

And while we stayed at Kumbakonam Andavan Ashram (near Potramarai kulam) Driver Mr.Sashikumar (+91 8098151007, +91 9442699392) helped us visit all the places we wanted. And I would recommend all the yatris to make use of the Mangalambika vilas Coffee HOtel, no.60 Kumbeswarar temple sannidhi. The food was very very good!!
Both the drivers Mr.Kumar (Nangur kshetram) and Mr.Sashi kumar(Kumbakonam) were very courteous and helpful throughout our trips and stay.